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Suomen AA-kustannus ry

The purpose of Suomen AA-kustannus ry is to promote the AA movement in Finland by taking care of publishing, publishing and distributing AA literature, AA magazines and other AA publications to the members of the AA movement and other interested parties.

Suomen AA-kustannus ry is responsible for maintaining the Suomen AA office.

The purpose of the association is not to obtain profit or other direct financial gain for its participants.
The association is directly responsible to the annual meeting of authorized representatives of AA groups.

The annual meeting of Suomen AA-kustannus ry is held before the annual meeting of AA groups during April in connection with the annual meetings. Annual meeting materials are sent to groups one month before the annual meeting.

Suomen AA-kustannus ry works in cooperation with Suomen AA service. It reports on the implementation of the annual budget at the Finnish AA service meetings and holds discussions with the Finnish AA service on significant financial matters to support its decision-making.

The members of Suomen AA-kustannus ry are elected in accordance with the rules at the annual meeting of Suomen AA-kustannus ry.

The association's board consists of six regular members elected by the annual meeting. The board chooses a chairman and a vice-chairman from among themselves. The term of office of the board members is 3 years. Two members resign each year.

The association's operating and accounting year is a calendar year. The annual meeting elects an auditor and a deputy auditor to audit the accounts and administration.

The association's accounts, financial statement and other documents showing the management of the administration must be handed over by the board of the association to the auditor for inspection by February 15th following the end of the calendar year. The auditors must perform the audit and issue a statement on it by February 28 of the same year.



Postal address: SAAK ry, Kylänevantie 2, 00320 HELSINKI

Chairman: Marko, Helsinki

Vice-chairman: Tuula, Espoo

Account number: FI 6710 1830 0007 5988

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