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Regional activity

The service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous has 17 AA areas, which are:
* Espoo area
* Southern Finland area
* Helsinki area
* Kanta-Häme area
* Central Finland region
* Kyme area
* Lahti area
* Lapland region
* Oulu area
* Pirkanmaa area
* Ostrobothnia region
* Satakunta area
* Savo-Karelia region
* The region of Finland proper
* Vantaa region
* Swedish speakers in Finland
* Finnish speakers in Sweden

Each AA area is independent and defines the practical ways of operating as an area based on the recommendations of AA's 12 steps, 12 traditions and 12 concepts. The regional groups decide together how often they meet in regional meetings. It is recommended that there be at least as many regional meetings as meetings of the Finnish AA service, so that the service representatives of the region can report current issues in their region at the meetings of the Finnish AA service.


At regional meetings, the service representatives of the groups normally elect the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and information contact person of the AA region. It is recommended that these service tasks are temporary.
The AA regions establish the committees they deem necessary.

In the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA regions elect representatives and alternate representatives to the Finnish AA service at their meetings.

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