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Attention to the newcomer

Godfather activity

Godfather activity is the work of the twelfth step, but also the constant responsibility of helping the newcomer adapt to life without alcohol. AA recommends not delaying getting a godparent.

In AA, the sponsor and the mentee meet as equals, just as AA's founding members Bill W and Dr. Bob once met each other. Recovered alcoholics want to share what they have learned with other alcoholics. Experience has shown that the sobriety of recovered alcoholics is strengthened when they share their experiences with others.

Every AA member is a potential sponsor of a new member, and should understand the sponsor's responsibilities, obligations, and commitments.

One should not become a godfather in order to increase the size of one's own group, to achieve personal satisfaction and glory. Before becoming a godfather, it is necessary to make sure that you are able to commit to the task in question, are ready to put in the effort for it, and it is possible to give enough of your own time to the work of godfather.

I have a responsibility. When anyone, anywhere is ready to seek help, I want AA's hand to be there. Therefore: I have a responsibility.

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