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Ratkaisu-lehti and Tiedotuksia-lehti

Ratkaisu-lehti (in Finnish)

Ratkaisu-lehti (ISSN 03558274) is an AA member's bi-monthly periodical published by Suomen AA-kustannus ry, an exchange of experiences and messages of the AA movement. Ratkaisu magazine publishes the writings of members of our worldwide fellowship about their recovery experiences and their relationship with AA's 12 steps and traditions. No single philosophy or worldview gets a special position in its pages. When choosing editorial content, the editorial is based on AA's principles of recovery, unity and service.

An essential part of Ratkaisu magazine is sharing experiences. However, it should be noted that individual members, as well as AA groups, are very diverse. A magazine can have very different and even contradictory articles on the same topic. This is how the scope of our members' thinking becomes apparent in the articles. The magazine also thoughtfully publishes articles related to alcoholism, the authors of which are not necessarily AA members

The magazine's editors have the right to accept or reject the submitted material. The editors can correct submitted articles in terms of readability, style or length without changing the content, unless the author has expressly forbidden it. Writers are encouraged to write about their experiences in their own individual way.

The articles are not expressions of AA or alcohol politics, and they should not contain strong positions on issues outside of AA either. The publication of any article should not be interpreted as a sign of official approval of the AA movement or Ratkaisu magazine. No writing or photography fees are paid for the articles, and they are not returned.

Ratkaisu magazine is read by many parties and persons outside the AA movement. The magazine is the calling card of Alcoholics Anonymous. The magazine has an effect on how outsiders see us.

Ratkaisu-lehti has an editorial board, which includes six AA members in addition to the editor-in-chief and editor. Materials for Ratkaisu magazine must be submitted by e-mail or in writing.

E-mail:, orders and address changes:

Postal address: Ratkaisu/Suomen AA-kustannus ry, Kylänevantie 2, 00320 HELSINKI

The solution is published six times a year, and its subscription price is €40.00/year.

The circulation of the magazine is about 1,600 copies.

Tiedotuksia-lehti (in Finnish)

AA Tietotuskia - AA Information (ISSN 1235-870) is a magazine published by Suomen AA-kustannus ry, intended for internal information of the AA membership, which appears once a month.

The magazine does not take a position, but only serves to inform the AA community internally, following the decisions of the annual meeting of AA groups. Announcements that can be interpreted as marketing announcements by individual persons will not be published.

The magazine's Editorial Board consists of the chairman of SAAK, the chairman of SAAP and the manager of the Finnish AA office. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is the manager of the Finnish AA office.

As a rule, the content of the magazine consists of the following sections:

Contact information


AA days

Regions and Districts


Foreign countries

Information from the Finnish AA service

Information about the AA cost in Finland

Financial bulletin


Sober years

Group list changes

Group support and purchases

Help phones

Condolence messages


In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended that notices to Tietotuksia be delivered to the Finnish AA office in writing or by e-mail. Notifications should include, among other things, the name of the group organizing the event, the place of the event, date, time, name of the announcer and contact information.

Materials must be submitted to the magazine no later than the 5th day of the month preceding the month of publication by e-mail, post, phone or via the "Materials" top bar of the homepage.

The editorial board of Tietuuksia magazine can, if necessary, add new sections to the magazine or delete old ones, in this case acting in cooperation with the Finnish AA service.

The subscription price of the magazine is €40/year.

The circulation of the magazine is about 1700 copies.

Orders and address changes:


Ratkaisu-lehti is the bi-monthly publication of the Finnish AA. In it, AA members share their experiences of recovery and sober living.

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You can send your story for the magazine to the editorial office:

Sample number 6/2023

AA Tietotuskia is a magazine published by Suomen AA-kustannus ry, intended for internal information of AA members, which is published once a month.


Orders, notifications and address changes:

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