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Suomen AA-Palvelu (AA-Service)

The basic task of the Finnish AA service is to act as a national experience sharing body. The actions of the service are guided by the Finnish AA service folder, which you can open from this link: Information folder

The basic task of a Finnish AA service member is to convey the voice of the common group conscience of the groups in the area they represent. The Finnish AA service consists of service representatives selected by the AA regions. The Finnish AA service has a total of 20 regular members as follows:

Espoo region 1
Southern Finland region 1
Helsinki region 3
Kanta-Häme region 1
Central Finland region 1
Kyme region 1
Lahti region 1
Lapland region 1
Oulu region 1
Pirkanmaa region 1
Ostrobothnia region 1
Satakunna region 1
Savo-Karelia region 2
Vantaa region 1
Area of ​​Finland proper 1
Swedish speakers in Finland 1
Finnish speakers in Sweden 1

Each region nominates its representative to the Finnish AA service, and the annual meeting of the AA groups confirms the composition of the Finnish AA service.

The Finnish AA service elects a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary from among themselves.

The Finnish AA service recommends that the person selected as a representative of the AA region meets the following criteria:• He should have the time and desire to act as a link between the groups in the area he represents and the Finnish AA service. • He should have enough time for the tasks that are between AA service meetings. • He should have a long enough sobriety, preferably more than 5 years rather than less. Anyway, so much so that he can be considered responsible. • He should have familiarized himself with AA's program comprehensively in order to be aware of the difference between the spirit of service and the principle of authorization.

It would be an advantage if he had experience in service tasks in a group and in a region or district.

Each region also appoints deputy representatives to the Finnish AA service. There are as many deputy representatives as actual representatives. Deputy representatives can participate in the work of the committees of the Finnish AA service as a member and be present at the meetings of the service with the right to speak in the matters of their committee. The term of office of the members is 2 + 2 years.

The Finnish AA service can, if necessary, appoint committees that prepare various matters. Each committee is fixed-term and their duties are defined separately.

The committees meet in connection with the meetings of the Finnish AA service, but can meet between meetings if necessary, if it is necessary for the handling of issues. The committees prepare the issues assigned to them by the Finnish AA service and bring them prepared to the meeting of the Finnish AA service, where members outside the committee and other members of the AA service can also take a stand on the issues.

The committees of the Finnish AA service are:
* Procedure Committee (META)
* Literature Committee (KIT)
* Information and Messaging Committee (TISA)
* Committee on International Affairs (KAT)

Finnish AA service meetings are always convened in writing. The time and place of the meeting is usually already agreed upon at the previous meeting, but the proposal for the agenda of the meeting can only be made closer to the meeting.

The chairman and secretary of the service draw up the agenda as the agenda of the meeting and attach any received letters accordingly. The AA office delivers meeting invitations to all members of the AA service no later than 2 weeks before the meeting.

In addition to the representatives and deputy representatives of the AA regions, the chairman, vice-chairman of Suomen AA-kustannus ry and the administrator of the AA office participate in the meetings of the Finnish AA service. They have the right to speak at meetings, but not the right to vote. In addition, both world service commissioners participate in the meetings.

Postal address: SAAP, AA office, Kylänevantie 2, 00320 HELSINKI
Chairman: Seija, Seinäjoki
Vice-chairman: Teemu, Kuopio

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