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International cooperation

The meetings of AA's world service and AA's European service are AA's international experience sharing and ideation forums. The main purpose is to deliver a message to still suffering alcoholics all over the world.

The annual meeting of AA groups in Finland selects the world service representatives from the candidates of the AA regions using the third inheritance method. There are two World Service Commissioners. The service period of the councilors is 4 years, of which the first 2 years as councilors of the 1st term and the last 2 years as councilors of the 2nd term.

Delegates participate in the biannual AA World Service meeting and the biannual AA European Service meeting. The organizers of the meetings are AA's central service office in the USA and AA's European information center in England.

Meetings are usually 2-3 days long. Work mainly takes place in committees and working groups. Meeting tasks are pre-arranged.

The task of the delegates is to convey the voice of the group conscience and share international experiences at meetings of the Finnish AA service and in connection with national or regional AA days. The delegates accordingly bring the experiences of our own AA community to the attention of the international AA community.

The global service commissioners prepare an annual report and an action plan. Correspondence related to service tasks is archived in the Finnish AA office.

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