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Information about AA

The goal of all AA information is to try to get the message to the still suffering alcoholic, following the traditions of AA. Traditions are suggestions that have proven to work absolutely in practical experience.

For example, the fifth tradition states:
"Each group has only one main purpose - to take their message to still suffering alcoholics."


Again, the long form of the tenth tradition clearly says:
"No AA group or member should ever express an opinion on outside controversies in a way that would implicate AA, especially politics, alcohol reform, or religious movements. Alcoholics Anonymous groups are not against anyone. They cannot express any views on such matters. ."

Our purpose is to promote the kind of information that does not take a position on, for example, health care, the superiority of different substance abuse treatment facilities or the qualifications of professional staff, as well as not on who are alcoholics and who are suitable for our community.

In public, we must remain anonymous in the press, radio, television and on the internet. Of course, we can reveal our names when working together with healthcare and other professional personnel and the media. However, according to our traditions, our name should not be published.

The purpose of the attached Information Workbook (open the link) is to help us carry out our mission.

Information about AA

In addition to the Information Workbook, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following GSO material in English, which can be found at
A.A. Guidelines, Public Information
A.A. Guidelines, Internet
Speaking at Non-A.A. Meetings
A.A. Fact File

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