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Only you can decide

Only you can decide if AA is right for you. Many who come to AA soon find that they have come to the right place. If this is not the case for you, we recommend getting to know other groups. If your drinking has taken a turn for the worse in the past year, it is fairly certain that the same turn will continue. In that case, the only question that remains to be resolved is whether you want to continue living or die.

Of course, there are other solutions than AA. But no one can help you if you yourself are not willing to cooperate. And no one can help you by doing for you what you yourself should do.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything right away, but go to the meetings with an open mind and be honest with yourself. We believe that when a new member and an old member discuss alcoholism and AA, they will both be strengthened in their sobriety. We call this kind of sharing of experiences patronage. We hope that every member will find a godfather with whom they can talk and find help for their everyday problems.

Very few of our members are able to maintain their sobriety unless they can reach out to other AA members outside of AA groups as well.

AA group meetings

The meetings of the groups are either open, in which relatives of alcoholics and others interested in the matter can also participate, or closed meetings, intended only for alcoholics. In addition, we celebrate abstinence anniversaries and organize information sessions, as well as regional days, usually in cooperation between groups working in the locality.

The group list helps you stay in touch with others. The list makes it possible to visit different groups, and you are always welcome in all of them. The group list also contains information about connections to foreign AA groups.

Each AA group decides for itself how it works. Usually, at the beginning of the group, a text from AA literature is read, after which the group has a rotating talk. When one speaks, others listen. The speeches of others will not be commented on. There are also AA groups in many institutions and, for example, there are AA groups for women. You can get information about different groups not only from the group list, but also from AA's helpline.

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