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About AA

Strength, support and hope

What is AA

What is AA, Alcoholics Anonymous?

AA is a fellowship whose members share their experiences, strength and hope to solve their common problem and help others recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

In AA:

    there are no obligations or membership fees,

  • we operate self-sufficiently on the basis of our own voluntary contributions.

  • AA is not affiliated with any ideological, religious or political trend, organization or institution.

  • AA also does not want to take a position on any controversial issue and position itself more to defend than to oppose anything.

  • our only goal is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

What AA is not

  • does not maintain a membership list

  • does not record members' drinking experiences

  • does not support or participate in research

  • does not participate in boards or committees.

  • does not monitor or limit the activities of its members.

  • does not prohibit anyone from drinking.

  • does not make diagnoses, and does not define anyone as an alcoholic.

  • does not provide medical or psychiatric help

  • does not provide financial assistance to its members.

  • does not maintain nursing facilities.

  • does not make petitions or petitions to jobs, spouses, the court or anything similar.

  • does not accept financial support


  • AA's operation is based on attraction rather than attention-grabbing:

  • In AA, personal anonymity is always observed in the press, radio, television, film and internet.

  • AA prefers to talk about its recovery program rather than the individuals trying to follow the program.

  • AA also does not say who attends the meetings. This is believed to be good especially for new members.

  • No one's membership is disclosed to outsiders.

"Sobriety has restored my self-respect. I feel like a full member of society again"
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