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Why are we here today?

Before we came to AA, we were unable to control our lives. We were not able to live and enjoy life like other people. We thought we had found a solution to all of life's problems in alcohol.

We put alcohol consumption before the well-being of our families, spouses and children. We had to drink at any cost. We hurt many people, but most of all we hurt ourselves. Because we were unable to take responsibility for our own affairs, we actually created our own problems. We were incapable of facing life on its own terms.

Most of us found ourselves committing slow suicide, but alcoholism is such an insidious enemy of life that we had lost the ability to do anything about it.

We look to medicine, religion and psychiatry for help. None of these alone solved our problem. Our illness kept coming back and getting worse until, as a last resort, we sought help from each other in AA.

When we got into AA, we realized we were sick people. We suffer from a disease for which there is no known cure. However, its progress can be stopped and then recovery is possible.

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