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"The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking."

- AA's 3rd tradition

Suomen AA-toimisto (AA-office)

The basic task of the Finnish AA office is to carry out the tasks given to it by Suomen AA-kustannus ry. and the Finnish AA service, to serve AA groups, AA members and to distribute information about AA to external parties upon request.
Among the tasks of the AA office in Finland can be mentioned, among others:

• Practical work related to AA literature publishing
• Delivering Information and Solution magazines and the AA group list


Distribution of printed products
• Sales of literature, magazines, addresses and service material for AA groups, AA members, professional helpers and others interested in AA


Information activities and communication
• Acting as a link between AA areas, groups and members
• Share information about AA activities and publications to anyone interested in AA
• To convey information about AA's activities in other countries


International operation
• Communication with AA central offices in other countries
• Acting as a contact link and service office for Finnish-speaking groups operating abroad
• Taking care of AA's international guests


Finance and administration
• Suomen AA-kustannus ry's business accounting and invoicing
• Management of various official matters
• Archiving


Meetings and their preparation
• Participation in the preparation of the meetings of Suomen AA-kustannus ry and Suomen AA service
• Participation in the aforementioned meetings
• Supporting the work of the committees of the Finnish AA service
• Preparation and mailing of AA annual meeting material


Maintenance of our website and online store



Address: Finnish AA office, Kylänevantie 2, 00320 HELSINKI

Phone: (09) 838 7040





Nordea, account
IBAN: FI6710183000075988

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